Redditors who have cheated on a partner before, do you have a reasonable explanation for doing so?

My roommate (19) was invited to her bosses 30th birthday and asked me (20) to come with her because he is a big of a rich douchey Arab, not that the racial aspect is important but in Melbourne, I have found them to have very exuberant and intense personalities, the rich arrogant ones anyway. So yeah, I agreed because she said it was mainly guys and I didn't want anything going wrong for her. So my boyfriend drops us off in the city at about 9pm and we wonder around trying to find the top story apartment they had rented for the night, conveniently we ran into one of the dudes and got there with ease. The apartment was big and there was about 15 guys aged 25-35, one lady was there but she was just doing the guys Halloween makeup for the holiday that fell on his birthday. We weren't uncomfortable with the severe out numbering of older unknown men vs us because my roommate had a trustable relationship with a few of them and they were friendly but much more experienced then us. We started drinking a cider we had brought and one of the guys offered us a drink. We excitedly accepted a vodka, redbull and mdma concoction with ice. Getting to the end of the glass I tipped it up and the ice fell forward exposing mdma crystals in the glass, a lot of them.. And we had been mixing and dissolving them for ages. I casually went up to the guy and asked how much he gave us and he said around 3 points each, usually a starter dose is 1 or 2 if you're a fiend. So it wasn't too much but personally I only take 1 point at a time so myself and my roommate kinda accepted that we needed to stay pretty alert to our actions. About 30 minutes later they whip out bags of coke and rack up a couple lines each and we do that while we drink and wait to leave. It's about 11pm and we start walking to the club, at this point a couple of the guys are showing me interest but I'm comfortable and witty from the mdma and unborthered by their advances, I'm used to guys in raves and I'm generally able to deflect easily whilst still being nice so it was fine. There was an open tab at the club/bar, although I don't remember how many drinks I had because of how strong the mdma was, I didn't not have one though. We leave at 3am and whilst back at the apartment drink more, and start what was the most intense and only experience with coke I have had. I started counting how many I was having because it was my first time and I'm interested in my tolerance and experience. It was about 4:30 and I'd only had about 5 lines but I was starting to kinda, loose ma morals I guess. It's started out with her boss touching us up just as we chatted and laughed, once we'd breached sexual shit I was doomed. It quietened down and only five or so people we awake and we were all really high, a couple went of to sleep and it was myself, my roommate and a 26yr old, considerably attractive guy, he owned a bunch of houses and was mixed up in some fucked up shit so he had a lot of money. we smoked upwards of 30 lines each, I forget. We hung out and talked until the sun started coming up and then decided to try sleeping. All three of us got in the bed, myself in the middle. He started touching me and kissing/breathing down my neck. I was completely out of reality by now, I could function okay, communication was fine and I felt awesome so I was happy but every moral or boundary I had set myself for the night disappeared and all I wanted was to get fucked on this drug. It got a bit heated and my roommate feeling uncomfortable, left. We fucked for about an hour before we had to give up due to both of our bodies not properly responding due to the intensity of our drug intake. We spent the next 4 hours slowly lessening our intake and then he gave us $200 for a cab home. Most intense night of my life. I feel regret for doing it whilst in a relationship but I honestly felt kinda drugged by the dudes, they had intentions that I thought I could handle but everyone has their limit when severely intoxicated. Also had only know my then partner for 5 months. Ultimately one of my most best experiences I've ever had. It's not everyday you party with crazy millionaires!

tl;dr - I went to a 30 yr old rich guys party, top floor apartment, inner city Melbourne, Aus. 15 guys. 2 girls. A lot of drugs - unlimited mdma, coke and alcohol.

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