Redditors who have hired a private investigator...what did you find out?

My sister in law. Tested very high in high school and the whole family thought she'd take a scholarship to some top school and everyone was surprised she took the military route. She did her time and came out with a very respectable career. She started a family and was the picture Norman Rockwell housewife. Then one day she disappeared and left her husband a note about finding another lover and never really being happy with her family and just wanting to start over.

Chris did an amazing job raising those kids. But there was a point where he couldn't answer the where's mom questions and I'm sure his own curiosity got the best of him and he wanted to know as well. He hired a pi that was a little too good. I'm just a brother in law and even I got a visit from FBI agents at work who basically grilled me about how much I knew about my sil. I think were all convinced she's a spy and they want us all to forget she exists or at least stop looking for her.

Tl;DR this is all bullshit, but it was a fun read right?

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