Redditors who live in Turkey: how many hours do you work and how much do you earn?

I worked 8 hours a day/ six days a week. My hours were either 7am/ 3pm, 3pm/ 11pm or 11am/ 7pm. My schedule changed every week. I got double pay to work on holidays. I got paid below the average for working in the front office in a 5 stars hotel. You get paid for extra hours but I made it clear I did not care to stay late longer than 20 minutes and when I did I prefered to leave an extra hour early some other day than get paid more. They would rather have me do overtime and pay me more but leaving an extra hour early instead got rid of that kick real quick unless it was absolutely necessary for me to do overtime, they did not ask me to. People here don't usually don't know how to negotiate in the workplace to get what they want. They still haven't been able to replace me with someone comparable months after I left.

I got a job offer as a teacher 28 hours a week for 3000 tl. I also had a telecenter job interview as a student which offered 2500 tl(but it totalled close to 3000 tl. they paid extra for transportation and food).

Working overtime depends on the culture of the company. Did the founder worked from 8 am to 8 pm ten years ago when he found the company? His greedy ass is likely to demand the same. However working holidays is still unusual in other places but common in tourism although there are usually enough people to volunteer(because you get paid a double salary). I usually nail the interviews and then when they lit the cigarettes and are in a chatty mood, I will casually bring up how shitty it is to work in tourism. You work in holidays yada yada and sometimes you work overtime. Their reaction is enough to give me clues and if there are any red flags, I bail out although the solution is just not to work in a small or a family owned company

There are also workplaces in which sometimes you work 10 hours and sometimes you go in and say "Hey boss I have some shit to do. Can I go?" and work barely 2 hours a day while your average is like 6 hours a day. I have some friends who sometimes actually work 10 am to 8 pm and sometimes they drop in at 1 pm and leave at 5 pm because there was not much to do that day anyway. They will argue it is better than corporate culture because they can easily call in sick and their boss will understand while corporate suckers have to use their sick/ vacation days. Workplaces with less than 10 workers tend to be that way. You will come across the problem when the demand grows and they have 100 workers and still not work in a professional setting so everyone puts more hours in. The good guy boss becomes a villain on heroin who gets too much adrenaline from the demand and the money that comes with that demand so he does not understand no one else likes gain that same adrenaline kick from putting more hours in

I prefer the corporate culture in which everyone makes clear they get disgusted they are working overtime second time this month.

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