To Redditors who do *not* believe in paranormal, supernatural, divine, or mystical forces: what is something you've experienced that defies all reasonable explanation?

I really do my best to avoid the 'paranormal' or 'spiritual' world. I grew up with both my mother and grand mother being strongly 'new world' of the John Edward variety and it has always been very difficult to agree with them after some experiences (i was once told by the 'best psychic' my nanna knows my destiny was to be a sailor... i hate the sea but good on him for trying). I'm used of people around me talking about having contact with the dead i guess is my point, and i have always though they were full of the saltiest sort of shit. My dad did too infact, his famous quote to my grandparent was "With all dear respect @grandparent i think you're full of shit" when told that "spirit" had told her to let him know that his deceased father was talking to him through her.

My father died when i was twelve, i reacted wierdly, i didnt actuallly feel much of anything other than blankness... except for certain 'uncontrollable' points. These were wierd, i would start thinking about my dad, and then all of a sudden whether i was scared or afraid or just plain sad everything would dissappear sometimes and i would feel nothing but a pleasant warm tingling through my whole body.... i still cant think of a better way to describe it now nearly 15 years later. What was freakier is that this would always happen after what i've called a 'sighting'. It sounds stupid, but for someone who at the time was completely sober to see this it tripped me the fuck out. I went to bathroom to brush my teeth, i looked down to wet my toothbrush and when i looked up my dad was standing next to me in the mirror. I cant quiet explain it, but it didnt FEEL like my mind was playing tricks on me, it felt like i actually saw him. This only happened when i was down in the dumps and i felt helpless.. he appears, he tells me everything will be ok and then leaves... but i only ever hear his voice when i get the full body tingling... and the sad thing is to this day i still can't remember what his voice sounds like.

I dont share this often, i really dont know what any of it means, all i know is i know those moments were important to me. Whether they were paranormal or not, they helped shape alot of my life and i haven't felt that tingling in ANY other context.

tldr; half of family think they are john edward, i avoid it like the plague. Wierd experiences whether paranormal or not have affected my life/

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