Redditors who make over $100,000 a year, what jobs, promotions and steps did you take to get there... and what was getting that first big paycheck like?

I don't, but I will. How? Step by step.

  1. Complete the process of adaptation to my current job. If you can't live your current life without getting worn out, then you won't have the energy and cognitive resources remaining to improve your life.

  2. Save money. As much as I can. While the process to follow can certainly be completed (mostly) on the cheap, the process may be eased by seeking out better resources (as with anything).

  3. CCENT

  4. CCNA

  5. CCNP

  6. CCIE

I'm being terribly optimistic though. The truth is that once you make it through to CCIE, you can make great money for a reason. This is not an easy process, and as a working parent with very little spare time, I may not make it. Here's why I post this anyway.

If you're still living at home, you're young with no serious obligations or responsibilities yet, and you're technically inclined, then do yourself a favor. When I was young, I worked way more than young people should, and I ran around wasting my money on stupid crap. Do better than I did, and set yourself up for a smooth journey through life before you have to navigate your hard roads.

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