Redditors who ran away as a kid, how far did you make it before you turned around and went back home?

I ran away when I was in 6 grade for the first time. I love my family but that’s not to say we don’t have issues. Since it was just my little sister and I who didn’t have school or kindergarten my mom sent us to my grandmother for the day, needless to say she will never send me there without her or my dad ever again. There was a woman on tv who wasn’t exactly on the thin side, my grandma proceeded to shame the woman for her weight and ask why they even let her on the show. She noticed I was upset about it and forced me to spill it out, I ended up raising my voice a bit out of pure panic and she started yelling at me. I picked up my phone and I wanted to call my mom to tell her to come pick me up but my grandma didn’t let me and she snatched my phone away. After my grandma left to take care of business I was sitting on the couch and crying when I noticed my phone and grabbed it quickly. I ran away and hid next to one of the farms in the village then called my mom, begging her to help me, she said she would come pick me up early and in the end my 65 year old grandmother blamed me, a 12 year old with a lot of anxiety, for the whole thing.

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