Redditors who rarely swear, what's a situation that made you swear and how did other people react?

when i was in 5th grade, i went to an after school program until my mom got off work. scrabble was a particularly popular game to play, so a group of us, including the program’s teachers/staff, were playing in teams. innocent, 10-year-old me was trying to think of words that started with “F” and blurted out what i thought was The Worst swear word in the book with complete confidence. everyone looked at me and started laughing, and i just about cried, begging the staff to not tell my mom because i thought i would get in trouble! of course, they did. i asked her about it a few years back - she knew but never brought it up because she knew it upset me for the longest time after! to this day, i don’t really swear. just don’t feel the need in general.

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