Redditors who rarely swear, what's a situation that made you swear and how did other people react?

I rarely cursed in school, and I rarely do now. Though there was this one time in school where we were doing a debate. We were going through multiple topics and the teacher would pick a “Congress(wo)man” to give their opinions on a topic.

This teacher though... he just kept picking the same student for every single subject. Eventually he brought up a subject that I knew a TON about, as I had done a research essay on it a year prior. Unfortunately we were running short for time, and the teacher said he would only pick one more student. I’ll leave it to you to guess who he picked.

So yeah, I got ticked off and called him out on it, to which he responded with the totally original response of “Life’s not fair!”

(The subject in question is still relevant today, and so no arguments form I’m just not going to say what it was.)

Later I was on the bus talking with my best friend who had done the debate a day prior. He asked me about how mine went, and then I told him about what happened. But... as I was talking I kind of caught up in the moment and it led me to saying, “The saying of life’s not fair is just a bullshit excuse because you have no way to valid-“

I was then cut off by the “OOOOooo!!”s of all the people surrounding me because nobody had ever heard me curse.

(Oh yeah, and the student he picked didn’t even say anything of real importance to the topic).

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