Redditors who rode the bus to and from school, what was your most memorable moment on the school bus?

My middle school bus was really bad, it's amazing to look back at. We learned from the grades above us, but once my grade reached back of the bus status, we were some real little shitheads. Except one kid. He was somewhat quiet but everyone on the bus was entertainers so he was still willing to join in on the action if other people pressed him.

One day, we pull out of our school parking lot and are sitting at the red light right in front of the school. Some guy with his window open was blaring some douchey music so someone encouraged this kid to throw a half filled water bottle out the bus window into his. Bad idea. The bottle went in his car, so the guy gets out of his car and tries to get into the bus. No luck. He then walked to the back of the bus and took a total guess which window it came from and returned the favor.

Our bus driver immediately turned back in the school parking lot. An assistant principal (who was the main disciplinarian in the school and pretty disliked) and the school cop came on the bus. They asked who threw it and the entire bus was silent for a solid minute, so he threatened to hold us there as long as needed until they found out. One of the most wild, rule-breaking kids on our raised his hand and literally pointed at the culprit and said "he did it". The kid was taken off the bus, the cop rode the bus home with us that day, and for the next month, our bus was followed home by the school cop.

What happened to the kid who threw the water bottle? No idea what he's currently up to, but in high school he got busted sneaking pictures of girls changing in his room after he invited them over to swim. He was caught after showing the video to practically everyone no matter the situation (at lunch, in the back of class, on the bus, etc...) One of the girls' mom worked at the school, and was a pretty intimidating lady since she used to body build. Of course, she was one of the first to find out her daughter got peeped on... awkward. His middle school through high school years seem to be just littered with cringe.

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