Redditors who stayed awake for more than 24 hours straight, why did you do it and what happened?

TL:DR- drugs in college. On this occasion, had been smoking weed but it was a combination of study drug stimulants and molly, or what I thought was molly but was probably at least something less pure which kept me awake for roughly 46 hours straight.

Was pretty depressed throughout college, from a combination of a cold and rural location, shitty/superficial social culture and tough academics/a desire to excel. So I spent a lot of my free time doing drugs, to dull some emotions while also trying to feel more alive and happy. I was a heavy pot smoker but also drank, and was pretty much willing to experiment with most drugs.

So, how did I stay awake for 46 hours?

Woke up on a Thursday morning to go to class, probably around 9 or 10. It was a couple years back so I can't remember exactly. Went through a normal college day (for me at least, at that time)- which meant going to class, doing a little school work and spending my free time chilling with friends and smoking throughout the day. Was still up at 2-2:30am chilling and smoking when one friend offered to do some lines of some sort of study drug like adderall, which we did. That kept me energized for an hour or so before I started to come down.

I had a decent rock of what could have been molly that I intended to do during that weekend, but I didn't like the feeling of coming down from the other stimulant so I began breaking off little bits of it, both parachuting and doing lines of it. Due to being depressed and all, whatever I took produced amazing sensations, both physical and mental that made me feel happy for the first time in months. Since most people were asleep at this point, I mainly just chilled by myself listening to music, even taking a shower just cause it would feel amazing; continued to redose to keep the high going, and occasionally hung out with a few people pulling all nighters when they took breaks. Morning came (at that point, I had been awake around 24 hours, and high on something for 8 or 9 hours), and I continued my drug binge, only now there were people to hang out and smoke with- basically spent all of that day on Friday doing that. That weekend was a major party weekend at my school, so plenty of other people were getting as fucked up as I was that night, and I continued partying and dosing whatever drug I had. By Saturday morning, around 7am, I was starting to feel more burnt out than I ever had in my life, and being awake/binging for 46 hours straight had taken its toll. Somehow, despite the stimulants, I was able to fall asleep, having been awake for 46ish hours (Thursday morning to Saturday morning) and on drugs harder than cannabis for 17hrs? (Early Friday a little after midnight to Saturday around 7/8). It wasn't a good time in my life and this was an especially dark period and specific negative peak. And I hate to say I slept that Saturday, then woke up that evening and finished what I still had left throughout that night and into Sunday morning/midday. I'm honestly surprised I didn't die then from an OD, heart attack, dehydration, or exhaustion, but I am proud that I survived and moved on from all that and left my drug binges in the past.

So, that's how I went 46 hours straight without sleeping, and probably

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