Redditors who 'tried' a prostitute before, how was it?

One of the worst experiences of my life.

I was, and still am, a virgin. My ex best friend convinced me into to getting a prostitute when I had my house all to myself for a weekend. Since I had the place to myself we were just going to get hammered, play video games, and watch movies, but it was when I was already drunk that he brought up his idea. So he found two older women online that agreed to drive to us. I was super nervous and she wasn't really attractive in anyway. I couldn't get it up and 160$ later it ended with nothing happening. (skipping a lot of details because im typing on my phone, which is stupid because im in my bedroom that has a computer) So then my prostitute stayed in the living room while my friend screwed the other in the guest bedroom. I just stayed in my room until they left.

I didn't feel drunk at all, I was instantly sober the second they had arrived. Once they were gone I continued drinking and drinking, hoping to just get blackout drunk. That didn't work. After I reached the point were I could barely walk to the kitchen to get another drink my friend said he would get it for me. I drank half the glass he brought me before realizing it was just water. I was furious but not even remotely able to speak a proper sentence. I crawled up the stairs to my bedroom, put my headphones on and played music super loud, I didn't want to be able to hear my own thoughts. But of course I still heard then and it was brutal, I just cried internally and passed out.

My friend still thinks I had a great time and got laid thanks to him.

I was 19 at the time, Im 21 now and rarely leave my bedroom. I don't have a job nor have I ever had one. I dropped all my college classes because I couldn't stand being there. Not that this is related, it just gives more insight into who I am, I guess.

(also, this is just an alternative account that I dont check often, just an fyi)

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