Redditors who "went out for cigarettes" and never came back, why did you leave? Where did you go? What is life like for you now? [Serious]

I went to college on a different side of the country for about two years. I had a fantastic time my freshman year of college. My sophomore year was when it went to hell. My roommate that year was batshit crazy. She would constantly put me down by pin-pointing and exaggerating my insecurities. Because she had a super short temper, I tried not to argue with her so to keep the peace in the apartment. She talked down to me practically every day. I didn't really notice it at first because it was super subtle, and she spun it so it was like she was doing me a favor. Over time, she was able to manipulate me and made me believe that all of our friends actually didn't like me, they only tolerated me. Which then caused me to dislike them. I started avoiding all of my friends because of this. My roommate encouraged this and would talk smack about them all the time. I became lonely and super homesick. I thought I was an unlikable person. On top of everything, the weather at the university sucked, I grew up in a warm climate and was not taking to the cold very well.

One day we got into an argument, and it all clicked in my head at once. This girl is crazy manipulative and ruined all my relationships with these people. That night, I called my parents and asked them to come pick me up. I dropped out of college the next day, and my parents picked me up that night (they drove 18 hours to get me). I only told three people I was leaving-- only because I had plans with them and needed to cancel. My roommate knew I was leaving, she saw me packing up my stuff. She never really even said goodbye to me, she spent the rest of the time I was there at her boyfriend's.

I came back home and transferred to a university a few hours away from my parent's house. Life improved ten fold. I have way more confidence in myself and don't take shit from anyone. I still talk to those friends on Facebook from time to time (though not the crazy one), and I do miss them. But overall, I don't really regret much. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had a lot of fun at the new university and made a lot of new friends.

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