Redditors who "went out for cigarettes" and never came back, why did you leave? Where did you go? What is life like for you now? [Serious]

A thief is a thief.

That $10 someone at that party someone gave up, he could've been giving it up just to meet new friends or have someone to talk to, and this guy destroyed that trust.

I know quite a few substance abusers, and not all of them are shitheads. Some of them just hurt themselves because they don't like hurting others, and people like the OP give substance abusers the bad rap they have.

By no means am I condoning their addiction, but just giving insight into their mentalities.

I know doctors, lawyers, paramedics, teachers and cops who are substance abusers who are some of the kindest souls on earth. They can't defeat their addictions because of people like OP... Because it's so hard to trust anyone when you're trapped in that cycle. And you just keep using to numb it all.

In your line of thinking, we shouldn't get mad when FIFA officials take money. Because in all reality, "they're trying to start a better life".

All you have on this earth are your balls and your word. Not to sound harsh, but as demonstrated by the thief OP, he has neither. I can forgive anyone for any kind of crime.. except murderers, rapists, inebriated drivers, and thieves.

They are the scum of the fucking earth. You make a willful choice to hurt someone else when you do all of those things.

No argument, and no excuses.

To put it into perspective, I was addicted to cocaine several years ago with a relatively decent paying job at the time, and I was sleeping in my car when I would come down so my ex-wife wouldn't find out.

Yes, I was driving inebriated. That's why I say there's no excuses. Period. If I could go back in time, I'd beat the shit out of myself.

Anyways, one night, a guy and his dirty ass toddler came up and knocked on my window when I was asleep in a parking lot, and they were asking for change. It was relatively cold out, and I don't carry cash for the sake of being robbed.

I sat up, talked to the guy for a bit and we walked across the street to the Waffle House and we ate & talked for a few hours... Found out he was addicted to oxycontin, and he was on the run for kidnapping his son.

I got a motel room, got him cleaned up, and the next morning I convinced him to turn himself in on the promise that I would bail him out on the condition that he would go to rehab with me. Kidnapping for bail is pretty high, obviously...

Well, my wife found out what I was doing when I was writing such a large check the next day, and she left me after I told her what happened. I knew her for 13 years. She can tell when I'm lying. I just told her the truth.

I bailed the guy out a few days later, and we went to rehab with the guy shortly thereafter. I paid for us both so we could be in together.

This was 8 years ago. The guy now owns his own landscaping business, and his son is in private school. I talk to them every week, and he hasn't relapsed since... When he feels the urge to use, he calls me and we talk for a few hours and do impressions of the fat bitch ass nurse with the lisp at rehab just to laugh...

What people fail to realize is that the more you invest in others, the more you invest in yourself. This guy went from begging for drug money on the street to employing 8 people. He's not languishing in a jail over taxpayers money and having his kid taken care of by the system. He's productive, and he contributes to society.

My marriage & career went down the drain, but seeing the change this guy has in people's lives is worth it. Because he changed mine.

My friend has a client who is a relatively wealthy person where I live.. My friend told him about how I helped his situation, and his client hired on as a personal assistant. I make $80k a year now working 4 days a week... No, that's not much to some. But, to a single guy with no kids or bills, that's relatively decent.

I ended up coming out better than when I was before I was an addict. And yeah, me and my ex still fuck occasionally. No relationship, though...

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