Redditor's who have witnessed a close friend go down the wrong path. Did you try to help before rock bottom or after?

Yeah just recently too. Buddy I've known for years was put in a mental health facility for a bit. A little backstory.

We'll call my buddy D. D has had a major problem for years. He's done a lot of stupid shit. I'd be lying if I said I never took part. All of of friends did. In moderation. And we all grew out of that just out of high school party phase. D never did.

D loved to drink a 40oz and go ride his motorcycle to the bars. Where he would drink nothing but hard liquor all night. He loved to snort a couple of oxy and go riding as well. And we did everything we could except for call the cops. But we didn't want to do that to a friend. Maybe we should of.

D starts talking about how it feels like he has bugs crawling under his skin. And claims he is pulling fibers out of his skin. He brings it up a few times. It's weird but not really suspicious. I don't see him for two weeks when he finally shows up to my apartment drunk and uninvited as usual.

He had to be down a good 45 lbs. He just looked awful. He was sweating and talking a hundred miles per hour. I don't let him leave until he sobers up.

Week later he's in the hospital being held. His girlfriend told his family he was doing meth. I don't doubt it. He claims it's from this disease. It started with an m I think. But he said there are these little parasites living under his skin that comes from the government spraying Chem trails. And that they grow out of your skin like little fibers. Doctors said it was just drug pyschosis. Seems logical. Did the research on the disease and all the major scientists agreed it was nothing.

He refused help. He was even trying to go to Mexico to get surgery for it. Some radiation treatment. Said he would have to sneak in to Mexico to do it.

We had to just leave him to his shit. We couldn't help him. And he didn't really want anyone's help ever. He seems to be doing some what better. And I really hope he has. But I can't be around that sort of behavior.

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