Redditors who work at remote places like forest officers, oil rig workers, etc, what creepy things have you noticed while at work?

I used to work with wildlife conservation and anti-poaching teams throughout Sub-Saharan Africa as an ecologist and ranger so I have lots of stories...the thing that always bothered me the most were leopards.

In one reserve we had a local guy who ran his own small guiding business. He would cruise around in his 80s Land Cruiser packed full with tourists and was notorious for breaking the rules (i.e. no off trail driving, don't get too close to animals, etc.) which is probably why people always booked him cause they almost always saw more.

Anyway, one day he stopped his Cruiser on a concrete and iron bridge that carried its users over a creek that swelled and cascaded through the valley during the wet season. It was dry season so the creek bed was cracked and bone dry. He let his passengers out to take pictures down the creek bed (it was a rather scenic spot). He said he had to take a leak so he walked to the far side of the bridge and disappeared under the spot where the bridge connected to the top of the berm that slowly sloped 30' down to the bottom of the creek bed. Next thing the tourists snapping pics on the bridge see is a massive leopard bound out from under the bridge carrying the guide's body by his neck. As soon as it appeared it vanished and a body was never found. All they located was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter he must've dropped in the attack. His last act of rule breaking got him killed.

In a different location a young tourist on vacation with her family slept on the open air second floor of the lodge they'd rented despite being told not to. In the morning her family came out to find the shredded hammock, pieces of clothes, and blood. They eventually found what was left of her stuffed in a tree not far away.

Have lots of other crazy stories about poachers, muti magic, farm raids, civil unrest, animal attacks, lost/missing people, etc. etc. if anyone is interested. At work now though so can't post too much till later.

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