Redditors who have written and published books but aren't famous for it, how much effort did you put in and what was the pay off? Was it worth it?

I make and still make illustrated novels in my spare time. I've only completed three long form (40+ pages). I send pdfs off to a printer, they come back as I want them. I collate, bind, and complete the process on my own.

It was difficult to sell my artwork in my 20s and I gave up trying. I have motor skills issues and people automatically assume I'm mentally retarded.

People online have told me that the illustrated stories are quality enough to be published formally, but from my past experience with art and architectural design, I just suspect that whatever obscure outlet that would accept them would simply steal them and rest laurels on the fact that I don't have the means to litigate.

I make copies and just 'leave them' in places so whoever comes across them doesn't have to associate them with me. I've seen them online for sale a couple of times, so I know they circulate and apparently hipsters as a demographic have found them intriguing.

And that's pretty much the reason I do it. They're basically literary, portable graffiti with a copyright.

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