Redditors whose SO is significantly more attractive than them, how'd you do it?

Hey all doubters, I feel you. Trust me. The trick is to be brave, keep going and don’t settle. That’s where most people mess up. Yes you will face a lot of rejection and that is no fun for anyone. But no one said getting that amazing/attractive/interesting/soulmate of a partner was going to be easy. It’s not.

At least you won’t walk away empty handed - even if you just try it for a little while you will no doubt get practice at remaining cool in the face of rejection (useful throughout life and an attractive quality imo), get experience learning how to talk to people you think are really attractive (a feat in and of itself) and more than likely make some friends with some really cool/attractive people in the process.

If you’re really goofy and bad at this it’s ok to have a sense of humor about that too. Embrace your weird. People appreciate authenticity more than expertise. And being awkward just makes you relatable as long as you’re honest about it.

Good luck!

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