Redditors with an overactive imagination, what kinds of things do you think up?

Maybe not completely on topic, but I struggle with Maladaptive Daydreaming from time to time. In a nutshell it's daydreaming so intensely and consistently that it starts to interfere with your life. It becomes your escape, your refuge from the real world.

I would look forward to being alone every chance I got to be able to live in that world. Everything from making friends, solving problems, living out my ambitions, or simply just living life that day as my other self.

Specifically, it is a alternate life to my own. Basically the life of someone else better than me in every way. She is even a different gender. I got so wrapped up in this that I realized I was starting to neglect my own real world happiness for this other life, compounding the problem. I was making myself unhappy with these fantasies.

I tried to quit this cold turkey, and think on things that made me happy for real. It was really hard to stop the habit, but it was starting to work. This is going to sound completely crazy, and maybe it kinda is, but when I tried to cut that alternate world out of my life, she came for me. In some sort of embodiment of my own frustration. My mind had made her real to some degree, and she was angry that I was just trying to leave her behind. I had to have some real self-talk to work this out, which was ultimately productive because I learned a lot about myself. This was the crossover episode that no one wanted.

To wrap this up, I'm doing better now and feel like I have more control over the daydreaming, but it's still kinda a problem. And nothing that intense has happened since.

No, I'm not crazy. I have an extremely overactive imagination, but I'd like to think that I have a well adjusted, successful adult life. I just have a few weird issues.

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