Redditors with great parents, What did they do RIGHT?

Just some random memories about how awesome my parents (and other family) were, mostly my dad. I'm in my 40's, BTW.

When I was young, my father took me and my brother out fishing at the local quarry, or to the creek, lots of times. He seemed like he always had time for us then, although now I realize he was extremely busy with his job.

My parents took us to vacations they probably couldn't really afford, and we traveled all over the US (or so I thought at the time). They really just took us to South Padre TX once in a while, and we drove to Indiana from TX once in a while to visit family. We drove from North Texas to South Texas all the time! Those were ADVENTURES. My parents took us on adventures, and I think that was really important!

I could list tons of things.

The thing that sticks with me most is one moment, when I went through my rebellious goth stage, I remember one night leaving the house to go to the club, and my father looked at me. I was wearing the goth makeup that was accepted in those times, had long dyed black hair, wearing a black velvet pirate top, and (I'm a guy) a very voluminous black velvet skirt. My dad looked at me and said "are you really going to wear those boots with that skirt?" They were stompy industrial boots and were only-then starting to merge into the goth lifestyle. Didn't match with the velvet goth scene at all.

That was when I realized my dad, without ever actually saying anything overt (he was always stoic), loved and accepted me for who I was, and was actually trying to understand me and get on my level.

After that we had a comfortable relationship with really no confrontations. I think he helped me be who I am today. RIP dad.

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