Redditors with SOs who talk in their sleep, what is the creepiest thing they've said?

Just this morning, my fiancé points her hand straight out and yells. “That’s so cool! (Pause) Who did that?” Then promptly fell back asleep.

Another time she opened her eyes and yelled at me that the cats were escaping through the window, and she even tried to argue about it. The windows were closed. It’s classic when she just stops responding and you know she’s been asleep the whole time.

But for me the real kicker was one night I was having a hard time falling asleep, she’d been asleep for a couple hours, and just as I was finally about to doze off, she hinged at the waist and sat straight upright, 90 degrees. Then she turned to look at me, but rather than turn to the right, which is the side I was on, she went full poltergeist and went the other way, all the way around, grinned, and laid back down.

It took a real long time to go to sleep after that. I guess this one doesn’t really qualify because she didn’t say anything, but it was certainly creepy.

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