Redditors that work directly for the super wealthy (let's say net worth 20 million and up) what are some of your best/worst stories?

At my high school this kids family won the lottery. It was $4million i believe. The guy would tell me at school that his family would go see financial advisers and laugh at them for thinking they could control that amount of money.

He would show up to school in new clothes everyday and his parents would have stupid rapper chains on. They would often take advantage of the school saying they were better then them and that they need to fix their shit up because their kid deserves better grades.

What no one really knew except for a select few is that another kid in our school years family was worth probably $100m+. The newly rich guy would mock this kid because he was dressed in plain clothes but he didn't know so his parents decided to take advantage. Everyday for about 3 months the $100m+ couple would take the newly rich parents out on these adventures and they would always split the cost because the $4m couple thought these were lower class people. The guy shows upto school one day saying that his parents are spending all "his" money and that they've had to take stuff back.

Now, i was at this kids house for the next part. This kids house is fucking huge and the kids parents had invited the newly broke parents over. They pulled into their driveway and got out their (BMW?) just staring at the house. They were in the kitchen and just kept asking questions and they left after about 20 minutes.

The guy didn't show up to school for about 2 or 3 weeks and when he did he was back in his old car and his parents were dressed in normal clothes. They had nothing left and his parents had to get their old jobs back.

If you win the lottery, don't be a dick.

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