Redditors of the world, what is something you don't understand about American culture that is normal to us?

/u/randymarshislorde JUST explained to you, in a significantly detailed way, how the results of that study were total bullshit and here you are just flat out rejecting facts like, "No, blah blah basically repeat what i just said before i had someone present facts to me because maybe if i just re-word it he'll see that he's wrong." I'm an American myself and i hate how a significant number of us just REFUSE to rewrite our own personal theories when presented with facts that should invoke a reconsideration of what you "believe" to be true, because it simply doesn't agree with your delusional world view. (The one in which America is better than every other country in every possible way, in reality, ONE way is prison populations. We have the most prisoners. Hurray for national pride * blows obscenely long raspberry * ) The unbelivable individual HUBRIS in the U.S. is mind boggling to me, the way EVERYONE thinks that THEIR individual opinion is somehow magnitudes more valuable than ANY other human being, willfully ignorant of the fact (and facts in general) that they themselves, are just another HUMAN BEING. Oh, i forgot to mention, i'm a Texan too btw. Obviously very different from most other insanely proud Texans, and i have to say, if you're not a gun loving Christian here, you're not exactly welcome in most social circles. I never chose to be born in the big proud buckle of the bible belt, and i was raised to believe in most of the horseshit that most Texans do, but thankfully, i eventually grew up enough to think for myself, which isn't all that celebrated here either. The far right ideology boiled down is basically a " 'MURICA, yall can either believe in Jesus and agree with me because i have GOD on my side or GTFO! Anything that comes from your eternally damned mouth are lies from the pits of hell!!" kind of mentality, which is completely and utterly retarded on many different levels. And before any southern moron attacks me for using the word 'retarded', i would obviously never say that to someone who is actually mentally disabled. But If you're just incredibly narrow minded, only believing "facts" that agree with a delusional personal view of the world that some other people happen to share with you, i will call you retarded as much as i want. I can't stand the fact that everyone here (at least what I've compiled to be true from personal experiences, which by in large, probably doesn't hold true on a larger scale) strongly believes that they MUST be right and perfect all the time. It's nothing more than unabated hubris, and when the facts come around, it SHOULD hit you like a ton of bricks. Unless you AVOID that by childishly ignoring the facts and keep pushing your now nullified argument. Notice how /u/randymarshislorde never replied to your retort? Not because he suddenly realized he was wrong and crawled back under the rock he lives under (the imagery that's probably playing out in your mind) but rather because he's most likely given up trying to convince a moron of the way the world actually works, with facts, because how the fuck else are you supposed to do it?! Statistics as they are in the profit driven world we live in, are never 100% free from bias, but idiot republicans (S.E. Cupp for one) act as if they're unanimously untouchable, like they don't pull a significant amount of their "polls" right out of their ass, or directly invert the ACTUAL poll results. I'm done ranting, because I'm now realizing that some personal brands of willfull ignorance are beyond rehabilitation. but for those who don't like walls of text (I'm on mobile)

Tl;dr- A main problem (not "the" because I'm not omniscient and neither is Jesus) with American, far right (the gun obsessed kind) ideology IMO (WHICH IS NO MORE OR LESS VALUABLE THAN OTHER HUMAN'S OPINION) is our unabated hubris. If we were taken down a couple of notches in regards to our ridiculous national pride, the world might just be a better place. And if you would like an example of how hubris can bring someone to totally ignore facts, just look at /u/LaLongueCarabine's comment above. (The second one that starts with "No," the first one was before he received actual facts and yet, the facts had absolutely no effect in changing this persons obviously warped world view, utterly mind boggling to me.)

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