Reestablishing contact with NMother out of necessity: advice/tips appreciated.

"My reestablishing contact wasn't out of sheer desire. On top of suffering with severe mental illness since my teens I'm registered blind and lost my entire career path because of my eyesight."

First off, I am really sorry to hear about this. I truly hope an opportunity to earn comes your way that feels fruitful and inspiring to you.

On the note of receiving financial help from her....please if possible find alternate solutions. If she is a true n, this is always going to lead you down a rabbit hole of possibly no return. First, prepare to be gaslighted. Second, prepare for her to take some sort of vengeance on you for avoiding her this past year.

You're already dealing with enough issues. In my experience, reestablishing contact out of need is NOT a good idea. There need to be other solutions and I hope you find one that will be feasible to you.

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