Reforming Negative Gearing

Did a quick check and found a few links on housing affordability

That first link (SMH) is exactly the sort of thing that sends younger people into a rage, that is the worst possible analysis of that graph I could have seen. It accepted the fact that house prices went from 2.5'ish of household income to 4, it then goes to say that the amount hasn't changed in 10 years and therefore people are just whingers.

Dammit, most of the people I know have been hanging around for 10 years trying to find a good way of being able to budget for a house, the point is it's now starting to boil over because people have been waiting for a very long time and things aren't improving. It's a problem that people don't want to exist, and in that article he's willfuly ignoring his own statistics showing the huge increase vs wages.

Anyway as for the long term changes being of a high priority, I'm in absolute agreement with you, unfortunately politicians from both sides have made it very clear that they don't see it as a problem. The only reason this is coming up now after 10 years is because there are rumblings inside the Reserve bank that a housing crash possibly coming up in Australia, the effect the house prices have on first home buyers is an afterthought of that concern.

Thanks for you insight. It is rare to talk to someone on reddit who has a good, strong opinion and who is able to express them in a clear way

Well I think that's a little too-overcomplimenting, I'm usually about as clear as a drunken idiot and my grammar is lacking at the best of times.

have you ever thought of politics?

Not really, I'm a really poor speaker and unfortunately politics involves a lot of speaking, and to be honest I know enough to know that I'm not that smart, unless compared to redditors.

Anyway, housing affordability is a problem and younger generations feel that the politicians are not taking them seriously, expect incredibly emotional and severe reactions regarding anything regarding the topic and unending praise for anyone (journalist/politicans) who at least even accepts there's an issue.

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