Refuse Fascism Protestors Win Court Case After Shutting Down 101 Freeway in Los Angeles

Sorry protests won't remove Trump.

Dude, have you even been paying attention with the black lives matter movement and how much stuff they have gotten done through protesting recently? Dude these guys literally abolished the police in less than a month in Minneapolis and got all the dudes who killed George Floyd to actually stand trial. That’s unbelievable. Believing that protests accomplish nothing is a belief that only benefits people like Trump.

Clearly Trump is concerned with them because he sees them as a threat, he’s even deploying secret police in Portland (a place also with like no “registered republicans”) to get these protestors. If people in as far away from DC as Portland scares Trump, then clearly you have significantly more power in LA (America’s 2nd largest city, mind you).

You could get all of LA to protest at once. Still won't remove Trump.

Actually that would probably be incredibly effective. If everyone is on strike in a county that has a GDP equivalent to the nation of Saudi Arabia and makes up nearly 4% of the nation’s GDP.

It’s very strange to see that you have this understanding that Trump is a fascist and is a threat to literally everyone. But your solution is that one must be patient and not make a scene, but to only vote in Joe Biden. But if you accept the premise that Trump is a fascist, then why would he: 1. Play fair with the election and 2. Actually concede defeat.

Do you actually believe that even if Joe Biden won the electoral college vote in November, that Trump will actually step down? Or that the government will actually turn against him To remove him from office? Why would either of those things happen? Clearly all of the laws that he has broken and the fact that he has been impeached hasn’t stopped him, it is foolish to think that he’ll actually be removed because of a vote.

Not to mention, California is going to go to Biden anyways. So voting for Biden is literally pointless considering where you live and that we have an electoral college, so your vote is literally worth less than garbage. In fact, I would argue based on this that protesting, regardless of location, will always be far more effective at removing Trump than voting in an election in a state that will vote for the other guy no matter what.

Trump’s not going to leave office peacefully, or willingly, and voting in an election in which your vote literally doesn’t matter is also pointless. Protesting is far more effective than giving up.

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