Regarding experience points from class swapping to gain more exp on BLUs

One of the reasons I didn’t feel so guilty using this method was that the server tick rate has fucked me over quite a bit, even as a relatively new player, and even made me look at the game more pooorly in that regard as I die to AoE/mechanics I’m not standing in on my screen and would be safe with WoW’s reaction time.

Another is because I helped many other players, friends and strangers, one-shotting mobs as MCH to help them level (even when I was using the trick myself, I’d help other BLU’s kill their mobs) and having a friend do the killing from outside the group is far more efficient, I just don’t have someone willing to do the same for me that I do for them.

That said, I’m fairly new and have anxiety and this is making me nervous. :/

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