In regards to the housing crisis, would it make sense (or even be possible) to encourage those who don't work or study in Dublin (or need to live there for health reasons) to move elsewhere or have their social welfare benefits reviewed?

i don't think it is right wing although there always be people who frame it as such.

i would wholly support that for the following reasons.

  • it's not comparable to society norms. working people don't get handed accommodation near their families unless they a) have a load of cash and b) want to take on shitloads of debt. so why should we incentivise people not to work? working people have the same issues as non working people(child care, family bonds)
  • concentrating family & extended families in one area leads to a) no will for those family members to leave the area in search of work/anything better when bad times occur. b) creates a defacto stronghold in that area of those family members(criminal or not) which warps their view on real life.
  • some might think that these people "made" the city/area/place what it is..but t ome, that's a load of bollox. those who made the city what it is are people contributing to the area(the most clear indication of which is working alongside care/legit volunteer work)
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