Regret a brojob

I honestly think his disgust is just all in his head and he's a little homophobic, and I'm not just a hypocrite full of shit because I have a relevant story.

I went to a bar in Providence and got really really drunk,like almost black out drunk. I left the bar and went wandering through some bad neighborhoods, and ended up one way or another smoking crack in a graveyard with this really chill dude. Anyway I saw a prostitute walking down the street so I was like "Ill catch you later" and started talking up the prostitute. We went to a 711 and the guy behind the counter just looked at me like 'don't do it man'. But I ignored him and I took the hooker behind the 711 and felt like I needed some action. So I got a great bloy job, and I was super horny and wanted to fuck some pussy, and I reached in their pants to caress them and felt a penis. I was kind of in shock so I said" oh no I dont want this." So they took out a knife and held out their hand for money and made a kind of gutteral sound and it kind of all hit me at once that I just got a blowjob from a deaf mute trans ugly hooker. Well I didn't have any money so I shrugged. So they took a swipe at me and cut open my leg and cut a little bit into my penis. And i was like " hey thats not nice" They stormed off and I stood their bleeding profusely for a bit. Then I walked to a hotel nearby and told them the story and gave me some bandages. Then i walked to a hospital. Spent a couple hours getting questioned and treated and then I was like " I got a programming exam to get to." So I walked to my college and spent two hours taking the exam. Got a B+ and a B- for the class in the end.

Now I ask you, should I be ashamed of this story because I am straight?

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