Regular Check-In Post

I'm still livid over this dude saying I was too stupid to write what I wrote yesterday. I wrote some quick thoughts of a videogame on my phone. The problem with this is one, I did write it but because of my mental health issues--or perhaps actually better logic--I can't help but question myself. Two, this asshole gets to spread his bullshit and feel pride each time; he gets to live in this asshole bliss. 3.) He said i didn't know the definitions of the words I was using, which fucked me up because I always look up the definitions of words, even when I know they're right just to be sure. 4.) In my head, an audience who looked at it would like this guy more. People would view him as a better symbol. It bleeds over into my psychotic depression. I got into an argument with him, and of course the next day there was some crazy angry guy pacing all around me yelling at the train stop; other kinda connections.

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