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he moved on.

He knew how much I was hurting and he didn’t care enough to do anything.

10 years of my life. Omg. I wasted 10 years of my life. I can’t keep living only to waste more years of my life being heart broken. Being dead is the only solution at this point.

I feel disgusting. I feel abandoned and beyond heart broken that he chose that cam girl whore over me. He doesn’t even feel bad. He just said I should move on and that he was surprised how much this hurt me???

I’ll never be good enough or pretty enough or young enough or thin enough ever again. I’m second best, I lost.

I lost literally everything, and now it has to include my own life because I cannot handle this extreme pain anymore. It’s absolute hell.

How could anyone keep living beyond a year spending every day of their life crying, heart broken, miserable, insecure, and severely depressed?

I’m scared of what comes after this but I truly don’t have a choice. I’m only one fucking human being who can’t handle any other horribly traumatic things happening to me in my life. The pain won over me. I can’t hold it all in my shoulders anymore, and no part of me wants to.

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