Rejecting Joe Rogan = Four More Years of Trump

the more they attack the better. real progressives know that bernie has been fighting for lgbt rights for like forty years, so he's not going to lose any voters over that, and most people don't see rogan's opinions as transphobic. theres even trans people who don't see them as transphobic. it's pretty much common sense that bone density is a thing and male skeletal structure is not changed through a sex change.

if you watch those fights it's apparent that the biological women are at a disadvantage when fighting trans women.

it's lame that if point this stuff out you get slandered as some sort of bigot. i'm all for calling people by whatever they prefer and equal rights so long as you're not hurting anyone, but once you start hurting people, as in the case with MMA, you lose my support. your rights are your rights, but you don't have the right to hurt people.

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