Relationship Communication Issues - fixable or is it a sign he’s checked out?

I appreciate the comment. I’m not expecting or asking him to be glued to his phone and I want him to have a good time. I just am upset that he’s going 13-14 hours without reaching out to me. I’m not expecting to have full blown conversations every minute of the day and that never has been the expectation.

But this is why I’m seeking advice to understand if I’m wrong for wanting to be thought about and not ignored and what we can do to work on that.

Regarding the last point of your comment, sadly I’ve not felt very important to him for a long time. We spend a large majority of our time doing individual things and rarely spend time together. When he was in a band he did gigs occasionally and I would always go and support him, but he hasn’t took interest in coming to watch my sporting events since our second year of dating.

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