Religion and Healthcare shouldn't mix.

The problem is that not every religious person thinks the same. You may have a religious hospital with a headmaster who's really down to Earth and then the next headmaster starts throwing out every patient who won't swear on the Bible that he didn't have sex before marriage. Unfortunately lots of people who call themselves religious are actively ruining the reputation of religion. For example, religion (at least mine) prohibits abortion as a means to get rid a child you don't want. We consider that simple murder, you don't get to knock me out with a hammer because you are annoyed by my presence. But when it's a medical necessity, we don't have an issue with it. One of the female pastors of my congregation was pregnant, but she got into an accident, and doctors told her that her baby is basically dead at this point, as he would be born with a damaged heart and wouldn't survive ten minutes. So she got an abortion, and nobody in the community has ever been bitter to her towards it. The problem is that many if the congregations won't make this difference, they will demand that you give birth to your dead child.

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