Religion vs no religion. Is this our deal-breaker?

Thank you for this! I personally know a very happily married couple that is muslim/Christian, so I know that mixed religion marriages can work. I'm just worried that he's not the kind of person that is able to do that. You have a good point though that I haven't really given him a chance yet to show that he is willing to let me be me. We've talked about religion, but a lot of this serious discussion happened in one long conversation this past weekend and we haven't really discussed it much since then other than me asking him if this was a deal-breaker, etc. I'll have to wait to see how he acts. He might not realize that some of the language he's using is condescending or disrespectful to me because he doesn't have personal experience being agnostic/atheist. Even though he has good intentions with the praying comments, he might not realize the pressure that puts on me. If it happens again, I'll be sure to specifically explain why these comments are hurtful to me and let him know where I'm standing in the relationship. After that, if it becomes an issue agaib then I guess it's time to rethink things.

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