Relocation advice

The NJC Relocation Directive is only guaranteed for indeterminate employees or being promoted to indeterminate (1.4.2). OP hasn’t specified if he/she is a casual/term employee. If he/she is indeed a current indeterminate employee, then the full Relocation Directive has to be offered along with the LoO. Otherwise if he/she is a casual/term employee appointed to another term then it has to be negotiate (1.4.3).

1.4.2 Payment of relocation expenses shall be authorized for employees who are:

full-time and part-time indeterminate employees; or part-time employees appointed to full-time indeterminate positions; or seasonal indeterminate employees; or term employees appointed to indeterminate positions; or on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) for less than one (1) year; or on priority status as defined by the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA).

1.4.3 This Directive may apply, by mutual agreement of the employer and employee, to:

term employees whose period of employment is to be longer than one (1) year; and employees on assignment of more than one (1) year's duration.

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