remedies for female pssd? clitoral numbness

although Im a male, I dont think it would only help for men. When the symptoms started, the first month my genital was totaly numb, I was basicaly asexual incl. other symptoms. the user peter from the pssd site reported that vitamin k has helped so I tried it and it helped me personaly a lot and it even healed me to an extend. I used a few times occasinaly 5-15 drops of a solution with 20mg/ml of vitamin k1 (Ka-Vit Tropfen) which is OTC in germany. I actualy felt it already at the 1st time when I took 10drops. 5 were also noticable but not that profound.

However according to the package insert 10 or 15 drops are the dose for moderate bleeding disorders and 5 for little.

This bleeding disorder is specific and caused by too much warfarin but not by aspirin and some others. So taking too mich could increase the risk of a stroke due to blood clotting(coagulation) and can afaik only be counteracted by warfarin & etc. I had some herbal remedies like angelica sinensis that I at least believed to counteract it.

  • Therefore, ask Your Doc for advise whether its dangerous and how much You are allowed to take every 2 weeks.

the other thong what relieved my symptoms for 1-2 hours was cilantro aka coriander seed powder. its a spice from the supermarket shelf. I suppose 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon full is enough.

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