Remember - We are the 1%

My experience with most other Agents in Heroics disagrees with this statement.

don't you dare having a different experience? This is currently not allowed in this sub!

I've been runing heroics since day 2 and while they were challenging (but fun anyways) at first, by now they are easily doable.

I earlier was telling someone to just grind gear and get better stats and he will succeed in heroics then. I then got downvoted and called delusional.

This subreddit currently doesn't make ANY sense.

Were not saying "git gud" were saying slow down your pace if the content is too hard for you, thats why there are 5 difficulty levels.

but people are entitled to hop straight into heroic just because where it can rain exotics for them...if they then not getting exotics they just found another reason to complain.

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