Remember when Bristol Palin basically said that if you ever aborted a pregnancy, you're not as "empowered" as people who "give life" (carry their unplanned pregnancies to term)?

Excuse me but my grandmother got pregnant with my mother in 1972 at 19 years old. She was single and considered having an abortion but she didn't go through with it. My grandmother worked as a waitress for many years and raised my mom in a two bedroom apartment. They struggled with money a lot but guess what? My mom thanked her all the time she didn't go through with that abortion. My mom's life was worth living and the fact that my mom didn't live in luxury was not a justification to take her right to living away. I also wouldn't exist either. So there you go. I'm a pro-lifer. My mom (who is alot pro-life obviously) was almost killed in the womb out of someone's fear of being raised in poverty. So are we stupid twats too?

And btw, I hate the incest/rape argument. That extremely small percentage of pregnancies (which is less than 1%) is used to justify the rest of abortions. Killing another human life because it's an inconvenience to you is not rational or moral. There are plenty of families out there that will take care of the child if you have financial problems. These arguments are insane. Murder should never be an option.

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