Remember when you didn't know about PC hardware and just bought an expensive computer and hoped it was good

I have a 2 year old $800, at time of purchase, Dell gaming laptop (used by a different user) and one 2 year old $800, at time of purchase, Dell gaming desktop (used by me) that I'm stuck with for the next year or two. $800 for each device. The desktop runs TW Warhammer 2 on high with the occasional stutter and "lag" at 60 FPS. The laptop mainly plays WoW with similar occasional slowdowns. I plan on having these for another year or two. I would say I'm satisfied for our purposes but once you get out from under the rock you begin to see the issues of a Dell gaming system. I think though, for the games we play, I could squeeze a couple years out of these machines just by upgrading the ram which I plan to do.

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