Do you remember your first time listening to macs albums/mix-tapes? I want to hear everyone's experiences.

man reading this just made me smile. I was going into highschool that same summer KIDS dropped. It got me curious wanting to smoke weed, then BDE dropped and i finally got my hands on some, blue slide park came around and thats when a lot of kids from school started rocking snapbacks....Mac literally brought snapbacks back, all the lid stores at the mall started having them in stock. Macadelic came out when I was like 16 n started drinkin more and smoking K2 lmfao all the stupid little shit, nothin too serious...WMWTSO was just a wild adventure, and ill admit I stopped listening to Mac when he dropped faces and GO:OD AM, i have no idea why, I was always too busy listening to other shit. I remember when TDF dropped though, and at the time I had such a crush on a girl, all the songs were so relatable, I took a tolerance break and got high while listening to "Skin" and ill neveer ever forget how hard the beat hit me, it was this out of body experience. Swimming came along and by this point I had a solid group of homies who listened to him and enjoyed him just as much as me, it was nice to experience that. Circles came, and it was the closure I think we all needed with his death. Ill miss the journey his music gave me, so thank you to Mac Miller, I cant wait to burn one with him in heaven and let him know he filled my teenage years with great memories

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