Remember, "You're going to hell." ain't a hateful threat, it is a loving warning.

And if you really cared about saving anyone from hell, instead of feeling smug when you chastise them, you’d pay attention to how they respond to you and adjust until you find the best way to save the most people. But it’s clearly not about bringing people to Jesus for you: it’s about hurting the people you don’t like and proving you’re better than everyone. Not exactly Christlike. Jesus was Socratic and passionately kind. Stop assuming you’re like him just because you go to church and actually start trying to live and love like him, and maybe people won’t automatically dismiss you when you talk. The context of your message of just as important as the content.

You can’t hide behind the whole “the world won’t listen to us” shtick for everything. People aren’t ignoring you because they’re evil and you’re preaching good. It’s because you’re an insufferable asshole. Is that how you think God wants you to represent him?

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