Reminder: ALL FEMBOYS, including cis-het, must be welcomed into the LGBTQ community if they want to be. They too are a gender minority. Let's work together to put our toxicity and infighting behind us and end femboy exclusion.

tbh this is a lot to read, im glad ur passionate. but at the end of the day its more of a societal problem, that your gender expression isnt accepted. then it is lgbt related. i just dont get why, someone whos cis and straight, would need to be included in the lgbt? i mean at the end of the day no ones gonna send you to conversion therapy or anything, which is great im glad u dont have to go thru what i went thru. but idk comparing actual minorities as the same as people who express their gender differently, isnt really the same. i dont really want to argue, bc i do see ur passionate and im probably not going to change your mind. but it is a vastly different world for gay and trans people. like my parents didnt even lwt me go to high school.

im just confused as to why you think they should be included?

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