Reminder: Being disinterested in Ms. Marvel (or any particular project) does not make you a "bad fan" or any such pejorative. Conversely, the mere existence of Ms Marvel does not ruin the MCU or taint other projects.

My point was that although it’s close minded and stupid, it is not inherently bad to not want to see other people’s point of view. Everything you’re saying is “well you didn’t have these problems before so now it’s bad”. I couldn’t relate to a lot of Black Panther but I still enjoyed the shit out of that movie and watch it all the time. I loved even more what it meant for an entire group of people.

I very much enjoy coming of age stories and love goofy high school stuff so I’m excited for Ms. Marvel. But I also straight up do not care if people don’t want to watch it because they don’t think they can relate to the story. Your feelings on someone else’s choices do not make that choice bad or that person bad.

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