A reminder why Pew chose their cutoff

There's that boner for 1997 babies again lmao... People are so idiotic if they truly think 1998 has no possibility of remembering anything related to 9/11, as if Dec 1997 can remember it fine. These are probably the same people who talk about their pre-K memories from before age 4, but then they come on posts like this and then tell you that you can't remember anything before that age yourself.

I was born jan '98, I don't specifically remember the 9/11 attack itself, but I have more than a few confirmed memories from before then so that says something about memory capabilities. Another thing is I was in school when it happened according to my mother, and she said the teacher told us students nothing about the situation & advised the parents to do the same and we just continued on with class like normal so for me it was just another day at school at the time as a result. I say that there's a possibility that I might remember 9/11 since I have a fair amount of memories of being at school during preschool, but I wouldn't remember that day the way a lot of other people would remember it since I was shielded from the situation. But there are some other preschools that would've done something for other kids that were my age at the time like send them home early or something, because I'm sure not all kids were shielded from the situation. The parents could've had it on their television in the front room and the kids stumbled upon it and yes some parents would've explained it. Plus you have to think of the ones who lived close to NYC. There's even a whole article about the response from a particular class of 3/4 year olds that were not too far from the attack site.

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