Reminder: There is more that unites us than divides us.

The rest of us in the world are astounded at the amount of corruption in the US and how your policies are based on what Big Oil, Arms and Old Money wants. Your Three Letter Agencies are the global enforcers of such policies.

It is further appalling that Conservatives will take much delight over any “victory” over Democrats, when the actions in question are anti people ( making medicine unaffordable, disallowing people to vote, shoving in a psychologically subservient judge while refusing to help poor people from starving - the list runs on). No matter what live video evidence we see of Trump talking evil, Conservatives end up with wilfully blind interpretations.

A few hundred thousand of your fellow residents have died for no good reason! What the rest of human civilisation has decided to do to cut down the virus spread, you proudly oppose in defence of your “freedom”!! It’ll be very soon that Americans start to bully other countries to allow travel.

And here you are all now declaring that you might as well civilly disagree, but won’t admit that you will support Trump by ignoring his crimes - just to ensure that the Republican Party wins and to have a narrative of “we’re civil”!!

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