The removal of comments on /u/afleur's resignation

Congratulations, mods, you just validated everything she said.

Oh, no, this has been coming for a while.

She has a history of repeatedly trying to ram through changes to the rules without regard for the wishes of the community or the other moderators. I think this has been at least the third time she's tried to push a "Thread titles must consist of a question and only a question" rule against the community's wishes while the other moderators were busy with real life. Her unilateral actions this week are more of the same shit that's got her roasted over the coals before.

She's also been pretty consistently condescending, dismissive, and demeaning in her interactions with the community as a moderator. It's weird, because she's actually totally pleasant when she's just posting as a member of the community and not as a mod (case in point: her comments on the "Does gender even matter? Instead of "switching" why not just abandon it all together?" thread yesterday were very well-written, and I'd like to hear more from that aufleur than from the aufleur who has been acting as a moderator over the past year). She doesn't have the right temperament or willingness to work with other people that a moderator should have. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't have the right temperament either, which is why I've never applied to be a mod.

I don't know why the remaining moderators nuked that thread -- though I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and for all we know it could be something as innocuous as "this looks like a huge target for SRD to brigade us, so we should preempt that").

(by the way, on Thursday night, I was hanging out in real life with another member of reddit's trans community... we didn't talk about reddit stuff until the end of the night, when we were in the car on the way home and started talking about "it was so nice to go out and have fun and get our minds off all the drama": one of the things she said to me during that conversation was "I'm disappointed that the only thing that came out of the drama over the weekend was more censorship" -- she's absolutely right, and, yes, she was referring to the censorship aufleur immediately began pushing on the community right after the drama last weekend)

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