Renegades VS. FaZe | BO1 | 15.02.2017 | 3:30CET

Renegades are a team that thrive on taking on big teams. They usually do worse against weaker teams, #1 because they don't prepare for them, which is a really big problem when you're a system based team, and #2 they don't really care as they want to be and beat the best (often meaning you fall to weak people you don't give two fucks about i.e. every tournament in asia because they plan for majors and not random OCE/SEA tournies). I'm in no way advocating RNG as a good team, their system is too stupid, too rigid, and still carries a lot of issues that means they never utilize their players as they never have ever since the SPUNJ days (spunj has a great mind for the game, but you gotta know when your rigid mastermind system is actually hampering your players natural ability and creativity to go out and make plays)

tl;dr poor performances by RNG don't matter since they don't really try as well or as hard against non t1 teams. Think of C9. Very similar in that they lose to a lot of garbage teams because they don't take the games seriously. The only difference is RNG actually still struggles to win even when they do try (sadly, despite all the talent being there).

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