Renovated my living room. Still need to touch up some paint and drywall but its coming together nicely.

At least there's that.

But man, to me that whole MantleMount thing is just creating a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place. From what I can in the photos you have plenty of other ways you could have arranged the room to allow the TV a proper eye-level placement somewhere.

Instead, now you have to walk up to the TV and lower it every time you want to watch it at a non-neck-breaking height. (Even in its lower position it's still about 6" too high IMO.) And then while it's in that position the face plates are exposed and stick out like a sore thumb against the wood. And then when you're done I imagine you'll want to raise it back up so it doesn't look awkward half covering the fireplace while exposing the face plates.

Maybe if the mount had an automated electrical pass-through type thing where the TV's power cord connected to it and then the mount plugged into the outlet so as anytime the TV was powered on a setting would tell it to mechanically move to the lower position and vice versa.

Otherwise I'm not buying the constant down and up moving of the TV every time you start and finish watching it. My bet is that sooner than later you'll leave it one way or the other all the time.

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