Rent Freeze, Rent Moratorium, and Rent Strike Discussion

Gorcers are providing a product that would not otherwise exist. Landlords are not.

It feels like there are several people here trying to make the argument that landlords don't bring any value because they simply own the land. In most situations, especially on this subreddit since most people here are renters, the landlord owns the land and the building on the land. They are responsible for the upkeep/maintenance so they have to hire landscapers, contractors, property management, etc to upkeep it.

I'm not following your statement about how grocers are providing a product that wouldn't otherwise exist, but a landlord doesn't. Someone (i.e., the landlord) had to create the building for people to occupy. Without the landlord, the building would not exist. Someone made the decision to buy land and build an apartment complex for people to live on.

I can see your argument when it comes to commercial property as that's how commercial property operates where the landlord simply owns the land, but not in apartment complexes.

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