Rental market is completely nuts

We have a 2 bed, 1 bath apartment for about $1550/mo. Luckily, we have good management and they didn't bump up the rent last year. However, this year, I'm sure it'll rise and approach $2000/mo.

The game I've had to play to keep up --

Raise my rent? Then I find a new job that pays more. Not everyone has that ability/luxury to do this, but that's one reason I got into tech, and better yet, learned a highly desirable skill in tech -- Linux.

It's not what I wanted to do with my life and it's certainly not a passion. But, I'm a climber and I have six 14ers left in Colorado, so I had to figure out a solution. I've lived here since I was a teenager (2006). With that said, I'm sick of this rat race that I'm not even willfully participating in, or "qualified" in since I'm not wealthy, but somehow got caught in the whirlwind as a spectator observing the blatant flood of hedonism for the past 6-7 years.

I'd like to find somewhere else to live even though I've explored every part of this wonderful state, but I suffer from analysis paralysis. I love the outdoors, but every damn place is just as expensive as here, or worse. New Mexico would be viable, since most people think it's all cartel -- maybe that's a good thing, since their outdoors aren't trampled by the exalted hindquarters of Instagram socialites.

Someone once told me, "Think of Colorado Springs as an extended vacation, not a permanent home." For some reason, this has helped my mentality. Additionally, you and I and everyone else stuck in an apartment; we are not missing out on the housing craze here --

Option 1. Buy a cookie cutter house along the sprawl of Powers that looks like some weird Utopia. Copy of a copy of a copy.

Option 2. Buy a house with cracked foundation with asbestos, lead paint, etc. that was built in 1890 for $500,000.

Option 3. Buy a house that sits atop contaminated soil (cyanide and arsenic).

Option 4. Be sponsored by mom and dad and buy Robert Heinlein's old home in the Broadmoor and drive a neon blue Porsche.

I know it doesn't take away from the fact that rent sucks and it's going to suck as time goes on. But, keep your head up. At least you have an apartment and can bail out! I've lived here for about half of my life, and I would NEVER own a home here, but I also wouldn't trade my time spent here for anything despite the increasing rent. It's been a crazy, adventurous time, and I also met my wife on a mountain in 2014. It's a stressful time for a lot of people, but Colorado is great place to collect a lot of unforgettable stories and memories.


Rent keeps skyrocketing. Colorado Springs houses are pretty cringey. Instagram socialites are ruining the outdoors. Keep your head up, it's all unsustainable and impermanent.

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